Tips Hand Phone Sony Ericsson for PC Remote Control

Tips  Hand Phone Sony Ericsson for PC Remote Control

(english version)
Tips  this one interesting to try, which makes the hp Sony ericsson to pc or note book remote control  with bluethoot. On hand phone sonyericcson the type that has bluetooth, for example: sonyericsson k320i, there is a remote control facility, this facility can be used to run a notebook or PC remotely via bluethoot, there are 3 modes:

  1. Presenter used for presentations using microsoft power point slide, so when it is implementing a presentation at the office or at the seminars, only with Sony Ericsson mobile phone can control our presentation from a distance without buying another device that are quite expensive.
  2. The media player is used to control windows media player can be used to control volume, pause, stop, next or previous, and so on.
  3. Desktop is used to control the laptop or pc and be able to move mouse pointer, start, right click, left click, and so on.
The steps are as follows:
  1. Make sure the bluetooth driver is installed correctly, install the driver first
  2. If using a USB Bluetooth inserted into the usb, the drivers are automatically installed
  3.  Enable bluethoot in mobile phones from the menu select connectivity, bluetooth, turn on. visibility select show phone.
  4. Enable bluethoot on the notebook, then you will see the right hand of the taskbar icon right click then add bluetooth divice
  5. Bluetooth mobile phone that is active will be detected for example its name: k320i then click add, divice will be added and will be installed all drivers driver, and then when asked enter the code in the mobile code as the code that appears on the pc for synchronization.
  6. Then the phone will appear to run remote control, select yes
  7. And then select the appropriate mode you want to use, for example deskstop, you can run Mose pointer from your mobile phone. 
good luck hopefully useful...!!!!!!!!!!

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