Tips for Chatting on facebook from HP

 (English version)
Want to chat with friends on facebook use mobile phone, it easy.
The condition has the features of Java on mobile phone and internet connection

The steps are :

  • Download java application, one that is using application ebuddy. Ebuddy application is Multi Network Mobile Messenger application, which means can be used for some social nerwork like facebook, yahoo, MSN, AIM, etc.. Can didownlod on and then select the brand and type of mobile phone, then searching ebuddy, downlod the application, then save it on your hard drive your computer / laptop.
  • After the java file has finished downloading, copy the file to the phone using a data cable or can also use a Bluetooth connection.
  • Then install ebuddy on mobile phone. Can also be downloaded directly from your mobile phone, go to, then look for ebuddy, then wait until the download is complete.
  • When finished, then open the same practice ebuddy on your mobile phone, then create / list ID ebuddy contents of the data yourself.
  • When you finish registering, then login  to ebuddy ID is newly created.
  • Go to settings select IM account, select the add account, then select a network on facebook, and then type  user / email and password then enter your facebook / login.

Done Now you can chat on facebook use mobile phone, wherever and whenever you are.
Good luck hopefully useful ….

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