Tips for blogs many visitors

Tips for blogs many visitors

After creating a blog the next step is how to blog much visited, this is not easy, it needs patience, hard work and perseverance. Without it all would be quiet your blog. So there are things that must be considered in making a blog that should be done so that our blog many visitors, the following will discuss some tips for your blog visited:

  • Always update the post at least 3 posts in one week with interesting articles, helpful people who are sought after.
  • Make your blog look attractive and beautiful as possible so that, visitors feel comfortable reading in your blog.
  • Register your blog to search engines like google and yahoo, this is a campaign blog, because it is a search machine  that many people use to find the article.
  • Get used to always blogwalking or visit the blog or site to others, and provide interesting comments and leave your blog link.
  • Promote your blog site such as the friendship that you have facebook, twitter, friendster, etc.

Here are some tips to increase the number of visitors your blog hopefully useful ……!!!!!!!!!!

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