Advantages writing post in english

In this time, i want to try to write post in English. Because English is the international language now. English is used for communication between one countries and other counties. Writing post in English the are many advantage, so that way. I want to write in English. What is the advantages write post in English :
  • We can learn English and practice our language skills.  we can improve our English. learning English is not enough with the theory, but also the practice : reading, listening and writing. Through the blog we can learn and practice English in writing skill.
  • We get more visitors from foreign countries. English is international language. Foreign visitors will be more understanding, if we are writing in English.

  • Maybe, we can also get friends from foreign countries.

I‘m learning English, I use google translation assistance, google translation really helped me.  

If there are words that are incorrect, please corrected. Thanks for all !!

Learn, learn and keep learning !!!


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